Buying a Tripod

This past January, I blogged on Sharper Photos.  Several on my students have recently asked questions about purchasing  a tripod. First, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a usable sturdy tripod.  The more you spend usually results in a lighter weight with stronger construction and a greater number of adjustments.  Tripods have three/four major components: a head, legs, feet and … Continue reading Buying a Tripod

Sunrise and Sunset Photography

I hope you all had a good summer and had the opportunity to get outside and use your cameras.  Sunrises and sunsets are popular subjects for photographers. Recently I came across several articles on sunrise and sunset photography.  I have included those links below. When taking photos of a sunrise or sunset it’s important the remember the following: Get to the location early so you time to … Continue reading Sunrise and Sunset Photography

Shooting Panoramas

Last month my wife and I traveled to Ireland. Ireland has many beautiful landscapes. However, the normal lens on my camera has a 28mm focal length which is not wide enough to do the landscapes justice.  The only way to capture the entire landscape is to shoot several consecutive overlapping photos to create a panorama.  I very much enjoy shooting panoramas as they allow me to capture … Continue reading Shooting Panoramas

Learning to Use Your Digital Camera

Many beginners rely on the fully automated features of their camera. These automated features often don’t provide satisfactory or the desired results.  By learning how to select the right camera control settings, beginning photographers can achieve better photographs, but it takes time to master the controls.  Beginning with the right instruction helps. Student comments: “Tom’s approach is to deep dive into the basics of photography … Continue reading Learning to Use Your Digital Camera

Basic Camera Controls You Should Know: Update

  This is an update of a blog I posted in November 2016.  As I continue to teach the Introduction to Digital Photography, students questions got me to realize that I hadn’t included a few camera settings that are useful to know. Shooting Modes Automatic (Auto) – Camera sets speed and aperture to what it determines to be the optimum exposure for the selected ISO. Program … Continue reading Basic Camera Controls You Should Know: Update

Using a Build-in Flash

There are two camera adjustments that many beginners don’t know about:  Exposure Compensation  and Flash Compensation . I’ve covered the use of Exposure Compensation in a previous blog.  Here I’ll discuss the use of Exposure Compensation and Flash Compensation, when using your built-in flash to get photos correctly exposed. The photos used in this blog were taken by two of my private lesson students, Michele and Nicole.  … Continue reading Using a Build-in Flash