Eclipse Photography

On August 21st, a total eclipse will be passing over the entire United States.  This hasn’t happened for almost 100 years.  The total eclipse will pass over many states: Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina.  It will take several hours to pass across the U.S. with it only being visible  as a total eclipse for as short as 2 minutes in many locations.


  • Don’t look directly at the eclipse with the naked eye or through a view finder without appropriate eye protection.
  • Photographing an eclipse without appropriate filters can cause damage to your camera.

The links below will provide details on How to Photograph and View the Eclipse Safely.

NASA Total Eclipse Map

Olympus Shooting the 2017 North American Total Eclipse

You Tube Tim Grey TV (14:25)

B&H Photography Podcast: Photographing and Viewing the 2017 Solar Eclipse
(1:15:34 includes equipment advertisements)

AAS.ORG-Solar Resources

Here is a screen shot of the NASA Total Eclipse Map for Baltimore, MD.  You can use the interactive features of  NASA Total Eclipse Map to get the specific information for your location.


Today, I did on-line search for protective eye equipment and filters for cameras. It appears much of what I saw has limited availability for the 21st.  Whatever you decide to do, PLEASE BE SAFE!!

I do understand the next total solar eclipse in the U.S will April 8. 2024.

Tom Wiggins Photography assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied in the links provided.













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