In the “Introduction to Digital Photography” lessons I teach there is an emphasis on learning the basic camera controls all photographers need to know, along with how the controls effect/influence the photograph taken.  The end results, hopefully with practice, are that the student will no longer rely on the camera’s Auto Mode and will be able to better control the outcome of the photographs taken.

In the lessons I only briefly cover the basics of photo composition. Some students have requested more on composition.  I have chosen not to add more to the “Introduction to Digital Photography” lessons as I want the students to achieve an understanding of the camera controls and correct exposure in only three lessons at a reasonable cost.


The techniques that I use most often are Fill the Frame, The Rule of Thirds, and Leading Lines.

Fill the Frame
The Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines















Rather than going into great detail here about photographic composition, I’m instead including several links to articles on composition that you can read at your leisure.

Here are the Links:

The Rule of Thirds

How to use lines in photographic composition

Use color to bring emotion to your photography

Window portrait photography activity

Fill your frame

The golden ratio applied to photographic composition

How to emphasize your main subject in photography

10 common composition mistakes in photography

Low angle photography tips

Photo composition tips

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