Learning to Use Your Digital Camera

Many beginners rely on the fully automated features of their camera. These automated features often don’t provide satisfactory or the desired results.  By learning how to select the right camera control settings, beginning photographers can achieve better photographs, but it takes time to master the controls.  Beginning with the right instruction helps.

Student comments:
“Tom’s approach is to deep dive into the basics of photography and then practice in the field and to encourage a lot of questions along the way. It was like having a photography coach. I came away more confident and with much greater comfort with the manual settings on my DSLR. My photos are definitely better now. I’d recommend Tom if you’re looking to take your photos to the next level.” – Adam D.

“I had my camera for over a year and had no idea how to actually use it. Now, I’m much more comfortable taking photos with it and no longer use the automatic setting….I’d definitely recommend his class to others!Michele C.

“I went from not really knowing how to operate ANY of the settings outside of the automatic mode on my DSLR camera to getting a much deeper understanding of all of the available shooting options and parameters to make the pictures I take come out more lively….This class will provide an opportunity for someone to become familiar with all of the different camera settings but it will take time and practice to nail down a great shot!Tom is very easy to work with and you can see his passion in helping his students understand the material even after the class is done.  I am glad our paths have crossed and I do recommend this class for beginners.”Kathy H.

The Introduction to Digital Photography course is taught in the Baltimore/Columbia, Maryland area.  The lessons are taught in either a private or semi-private (2 students) setting. This type of setting provides the student(s) with personalized instruction not available from larger group lessons.   A beginning photographer’s photos will improve once they understand the details of how, when and why to use the basic controls that are available on today’s digital cameras.  The goal of my teaching is to provide an understanding of how the controls affect the photo, so that the student can achieve properly exposed and focused photos.   Simply, a better understanding of your camera means you can take better photographs.

The students are provided with 4 1/2  hours of instruction over three (3) lessons and an on-going commitment of continued support via email, if questions should arise after the 4 1/2 hours are completed.  My regularly published blog topics are written to support the course and are often the result of student’s questions.

Here’s a link to a PDF copy of my TOM WIGGINS PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG V-1

The lesson topics covered include: camera controls, speed, aperture, ISO, shooting modes, white balance, depth of field, correct exposure, use of the on-camera flash, photographic composition and lighting.  The lessons include practical applications of photographic techniques.   The  lessons are scheduled at mutually convenient times and locations, and are completed over a period of several weeks.  Flexible scheduling provides the student with time to practice the techniques outside of class and enhances the learning experience.

I’m currently scheduling students for mid-July and beyond.  Please contact me here, if you are interested in taking your camera knowledge and photography to the next level.

Private/Semi-private lessons are available see Classes






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