Student Comments

Tom the blog is awesome! Thanks so much for your help. We could NOT have done this without you. If we come across people who are interested in learning photography we will be sending them your way!
Crystal J.

We did get a few great shots in Africa thanks to your help!!!! I will send them your way once we get them uploaded to the computer and sorted through. Also, I have a good friend going to Africa with her family and I sent your information her way. Apparently her mom got a brand new expensive camera and doesn’t know how to use it…sound familiar?!? 😉
Thanks again!
Crystal J.

The lesson was great – Annie really enjoyed it and I think she learned a lot.  We’ll keep an eye on your other classes, and see if I can get her out of bed in time to attend.
Thanks again,
Jamie B (Mother of a 12 year old student)

Thanks so much for the recent class.  I really felt I took away some lasting info, but, naturally I will have to devote more time to familiarizing myself w/ the mechanics of the camera.  But, I feel I am getting there….I’ll be in touch once I have moved and feel ready to get back to the camera. Thanks again for your patience,
Beverly D.

I enjoyed the class and feel like it helped me understand my camera much more.  This was the kind of information and instruction I was hoping to get and I feel excited to keep practicing and learning from here.
Sue H.