Sunrise and Sunset Photography

I hope you all had a good summer and had the opportunity to get outside and use your cameras.  Sunrises and sunsets are popular subjects for photographers. Recently I came across several articles on sunrise and sunset photography.  I have included those links below.

When taking photos of a sunrise or sunset it’s important the remember the following:

  1. Get to the location early so you time to scout out and plan the photo.  In the case of both sunrise and sunset photos you really want to arrive before dawn or dusk.  I’ve found it very useful to use a photo app from They offer web version for free as well as an app for both iPhone and Android.  This app allows you to determine the position of the sun ahead of time.  There are also other similar apps available at Google Play and the App Store.
  2. Remember when you compose the photograph to make sure you have eliminated distracting elements. In the case of the sunrise it’s best to do your planning  a day in advance during daylight hours. Getting there early for a sunset allows you inspect the location with good lighting.
  3. Bring your tripod. It’s an essential tool for getting sharp photography.   See my blog post on Sharper Photos for details on the use of a tripod.
  4. I’ve also found that having some clouds in the sky helps make for a more interesting photo.
  5. The use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo technique is ideal for sunrise and sunset photography. See my blog post on  AE Bracketing  for brief details on HDR photos.  More about HDR in a later blog.

Sunrise Photography for Beginners

34 Sunrise & Sunset Photo Tips – all in one post!

Taking A Great Sunset Photo – Olympus

12 Tips for Photographing Stunning Sunsets


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